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Sabika connects
through an
authentic story and
original design.
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Formally trained at the Fashion Institute of Vienna in fashion design, Alexandra's creations are a nod to her years as a ballerina. Each piece is created to dance. Whether it is from light reflecting off the crystals or the way it moves with the body. The Collections are designed to enhance a woman's individual beauty.

Sabika is hand-crafted by female artisans and limited in quantity. Pairing the mastery of craftsmanship with Karin and Alexandra's design expertise each Collection is as unique and distinguished as the women who wear it, make it and sell it.

The Sabika Cut®
The Sabika Cut® created by Swarovski was designed by Alexandra and Karin in collaboration with Swarovski. A worldwide exclusive, it holds 30 geometric facets that give it the allure and depth of a gemstone.