Generosity from the heart. We can help you make a difference in your Community. When you Host a Sabika Fundraiser Party, your Consultant can donate their Commission up to 20% of the total Party Sales and Sabika will match their donation up to 5% of the total Party Sales. Click here to connect with a consultant.    
                Since 2010, Together, with our Consultants we have helped raise awareness and funds for local and national charities, donating more than $2.5 million.
                After Karin Mayr designed her first jewelry pieces, the table was filled with all kinds of crystals including a heart. She exclaimed This is it! We will put a heart on each Sabika piece, because it is made with Love. Her promise is to spread beauty, joy and opportunity through Sabika Parties. Karin believes that love and generosity go hand in hand. That philosophy is at the core of Sabika. We've put our heart on each piece because it is made with love