Join The Party

Sabika parties are designed to exhibit our beautiful Austrian crystal jewelry with a backdrop of effortless panache. To plan an economical and distinctive Sabika party, let the Hostess Tool Kit guide you.

Once you book your party, your consultant will provide you with the Hostess Tool Kit, which includes the following:

1. Who to Invite at a Glance Sabika provides a unique and fun venue for women to spend time together. You can use our party worksheet to help you brainstorm and organize a guest list of family, friends, and colleagues to invite.

2. Invitations These signature Sabika invitations get your party started with style. We supply attractive invitations in postcard format. To guarantee a successful party, we recommend the hostess talk to each invited person between the time the invitations are sent and the date of the party. Your consultant will make reminder calls for you if supplied with an invitation list.

3. Suggested Menus Keep it simple. We encourage our hostesses not to prepare too much food. Wine, cheese and crackers, as well as a pot of coffee, are all a hostess needs.

4. Set-Up Tips Create the ideal atmosphere for a Sabika party by arranging a space with comfortable seating as well as a surface for displaying the jewelry, such as a coffee table. Have a separate surface for hors d‘oeuvres and drinks. Outside of hosting at home, Sabika parties are ideal for outside venues such as a local.